Radio Free Albemuth




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Special Features include Trailer and Commentary by Director/Screenwriter John Alan Simon.

About the Movie

“Radio Free Albemuth” is the feature film adaptation of the novel by Philip K. Dick, starring Shea Whigham  as "Philip K. Dick" himself and marks the film debut of music star Alanis Morissette - who wrote and performs an original song in the film.  Jonathan Scarfe, Katheryn Winnick, Hannah Hall  round out the lead cast. Scott Wilson, Rosemary Harris, Joel McKinnon Miller, Will Rothhaar, Julie Warner, Ashley Green, Jon Tenney, Rich Sommer, Frank Collison, Joseph D. Reitman also appear. Score by Ralph Grierson and legendary cult fave English singer-songwriter Robyn Hitchcock.

"Radio Free Albemuth" was selected to screen at Lincoln Center Film Society as part of their prestigious curated Indie Night Series selected by Ted Hope and Christine Vachon. It was theatrically released in limited run in 15 markets, including NY and LA.

According to London Sci-Fi:

"The best adaptation of Philip K. Dick's work to screen so far."

from Variety review of " Radio Free Albemuth" by Richard Kuipers: (full review attached)

" Engrossing adaptation""Well-performed."
"Pic operates successfully as a study of enlightenment and a straight-ahead conspiracy thriller."
"Should connect strongly with Dick's fanbase and attract upscale auds seeking sci-fi with political and philosophical substance"
"Consistently absorbing."
"Narrative delivers satisfying intrigue and suspense"
"Gritty HD lensing and imaginative, old-fashioned-in-a-good-way effects."
"A terrific score is the jewel in a first-class tech package.”

from - Bleeding Cool by Adi Tantimedh:

“Radio Free Albemuth is a terrific movie, a personal project and a labour of love.”